We are happy to clean buildings of all sizes:

  • offices
  • retailing
  • cinemas
  • universities
  • restaurants
  • warehouses and factories
  • night clubs and bars
  • music-halls and theatres
  • transport
  • gyms and fitness
  • health centres
  • and much more

We offer a full range of internal and external cleaning services for large complexes, facilities and halls. We have already cleaned, among others: schools, colleges, universities, warehouses, factories, music halls, theaters, etc. We will meet any requirement.

We also have extensive experience in cleaning smaller buildings. They are often more of a challenge than large complexes. However, the experience of our reliable team, organization and work logistics allow us to be effective with maximized efficiency. We’re taking care of offices, shops, restaurants, gyms, health centres, etc.

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We offer the best possible commercial cleaning prices for each client. If you need cleaning daily, weekly or fortnightly, the cost starts as low as £ 18 per hour.

If you need a one-off cleaning, the cost starts from just £ 22 per hour.
Our costs are very economical and cheap and we pride ourselves in offering the best service at a very low cost.


Dailyfrom £24.50 per hourRequest an individual quote
Weeklyfrom £24.50 per hourRequest an individual quote
One-off cleaningfrom £29.00 per hourRequest an individual quote
Office, commercial premises or communal area cleaning services

Please note that all prices are approximate and may vary depending on the condition, the size and the location of the property.