We offer Airbnb services regardless of rental time, number of rooms or number of properties. Professional cleaning is particularly demanding here.

Working with us you will:
  • save your time
  • work with the best professional staff
  • be able to use our services 7 days a week, 365 days a year depending on your needs
  • only pay pre-determined competitive rates – no hidden costs

The highest quality is essential, there is no room for oversight or errors. We will leave clean, aesthetic and well-kept rooms. We take care of every detail, every nook and cranny will be shiny and sterile, and our attention to detail will guarantee a comfortable stay and make guests gladly return and recommend to others.

We set the rules in advance and implement procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the owners. We set a rate with no hidden costs. We discuss all additional services in advance according to customer needs and then price accordingly. Fixed rates, regardless of unforeseen dirt or difficult, unexpected work, will not change during the cleaning services already performed. We do not disturb the peace, we clean at any time convenient for everyone, we are practically invisible.

The basic offer of prices for services rendered is flexible. They usually decrease with the frequency and amount of services performed.

Our services includes


Our great team will prepare your apartment perfectly according to your instructions every time for the next guests


We will replace bed linen and towels, and prepare them as in the best expensive hotels


Your guests will not run out of coffee or toiletries – we will provide your property with what your guests will need during their stay

We also provide additional services according to customers’ wishes. Think about what you need and we will meet all requirements. If you do not have sets of bed linen or towels, and the purchase of them is not a priority for you now, we have high-quality bed linen that we rent. If you have your own linen, we will offer you laundry services.

We will complete hygiene measures, we will provide the kitchen with the necessary products, from cleaning products to coffee and tea. We will provide everything your apartment needs to make it cozy and guests will be happy to come back.

Plan Your Cleaning

Plan cleaning with us at a time convenient for you. Tell me when your guests are coming and we’ll do the rest. Last minute cleaning? Nothing could be simpler.

Daisy Cleaning copes well with difficult tasks, when time is urgent and guests are already leaving. If necessary, we send a larger cleaning team, which will efficiently and quickly bring order, order and cleanliness to your apartment and will leave a pleasant note of freshness.

Tell Us Your Preferences

The professionalism of our company will meet your expectations.

Everyone has preferences when it comes to their own home, and we value it very much. Do you like your own cleaning style, recommend cleaning products, bed linen and towels arranged according to your own ideas and in a designated place? At your service! We will do it according to your instructions, exactly how you like it.